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Intelligent Language Assessment Platform

Assessing language proficiency or progress in language learning can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming process for the test creators. In the ILAP project, we are working on building an Intelligent Language Assessment Platform which can be integrated into Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS). 

Within the platform, different types of language assessments can be created, administered and scored automatically. For the first test to be integrated, we are starting off with implementation of a fully automated Elicited Imitation Test (EIT). Elicited Imitation tests require the test-taker to listen to sentences and repeat each sentence after hearing them, reconstructing what they heard from their own grammatical knowledge. Elicited Imitation tests are considered a measure of global proficiency and are an effective and efficient way to assess language, not only in teaching, but also in research. Our goal is to have a fully automated Elicited Imitation Test, from test creation and test administration to automatic scoring of the test and the displaying of test results.

In the further development of the project, more tests of language proficiency will be automated and adapted for the platform. This enables large-scale, standardised language proficiency testing and assessment for teacher, researchers and test creators.  

This project is part of the BMBF-founded POLKE project.
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