Who are we?

We are a group of researchers located at the Hector Research Institute of Empirical Education Science and Psychology (HIB) at the University of Tübingen in Germany. Our research focus is Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED, Künstliche Intelligenz in der Bildung in German, hence the name KIBi for the group). We are an international team with members from many different countries, including Germany, the US, China, Greece, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, and Russian.

What do we do?

We do research on AIED, which is a broad term referring to anything using AI for education purposes. Currently we are running multiple projects, including two major BMBF-funded (German Ministry of Education) Aisla and the Polke projects and a number of smaller projects. 

In the Aisla project, our goal is to use the latest language technology to build an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) mobile app to help students practice spoken English in everyday contexts. The Polke project aims at building a pedagogically-oriented second language (L2) knowledge extraction technology and applying it for L2 input selection, proficiency assessment, and adaptive teaching. The technology will also be applicable for readability controllable natural language generation. Both the Aisla and Polke projects fall within the field of Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL), which is a field that makes use of intelligent technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies for language education purposes. Most of the KIBi members are also members of the Tübingen ICALL group led by Prof. Detmar Meurers.

Besides ICALL, we also run projects related to pedagogical agents.

Who funds us?

Our group is funded by project grants and the HIB. Currently our project funding has been mainly from the German Ministry of Education (BMBF) through the Aisla and Polke projects. Our institute the HIB has also been very supportive of the group's development. 

Interested in joining us or write a thesis with us?

If you are also interested in research on AIED or ICALL, you are cordially invited to join us. Your participation in the group may be simply joining our group meetings and events, or employment as PhD candidates or postdoc researchers depending on the availability of funding.

If you would like to write a thesis in a topic related to our research, please either choose a topic from our Theses Offers page or propose your topic to us.


Contact the group via the following details or our individual member through their personal pages.

Xiaobin Chen
Walter-Simon-Straẞe 12
72070 Tübingen
Email: team@kibi.group