Project name
Aisla—An intelligent agent for second language English learning in real-life contexts


Learning a foreign language like English requires a lot of speaking practice, ideally with native speakers in real-life scenarios. For learning purposes, students should also be given advice on how to correct or improve their language when errors occur when speaking the language. The traditional school context makes it difficult to provide every learner with such an opportunity on a daily basis.

Goals and Approaches

The Aisla project aims to solve this problem by providing each English learner with a private language partner and tutor for practicing English in real-life scenarios. Aisla will be realized as a mobile app that is capable of identifying the scenario the learner is in (e.g. at a restaurant) and suggest related learning tasks (e.g. making an order). Learners can then practice speaking English to fulfill the tasks with Aisla posing as the conversation partner. During the interaction, Aisla also gives feedback on language errors and provide materials to help the learner make progress. The intelligent agent is supported by the latest speech and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as research findings from second language acquisition.

Innovation and Perspectives

Students get unlimited opportunities to practice English with a competent interlocutor within various real-life contexts. Learning English will become a more enjoyable process because of the chance to make use of the language to fulfill actual tasks. More improvement will also be gained.

BMBF (600K Euros)
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